YSP nätverksträff: Co-creation and cross-sector partnerships as drivers of sustainable innovation – 21 november

Welcome to the YSP-network event at Accenture Sustainability in Stockholm!


Jennie Perzon, Accenture & Stockholm School of Economics

Jennie Perzon is a senior manager within Accenture’s Sustainability Strategy practice in Sweden, as well as a Ph.D. Student at Stockholm School of Economics (Mistra Centre for Sustainable Markets). Jennie is committed to sustainable development and has extensive experience in both commercial and civil society sector as a strategy advisor. Jennie’s experience also includes leading a global research program focusing on collective impact and partnerships as a driver of innovation.

Josefine Olsson, Accenture

Josefine Olsson is a strategy consultant within Accenture’s Technology Strategy practice in Sweden. Josefine is passionate about sustainability, innovation and digitalization. Josefine has experience from working with sustainable innovation and co-creation in several contexts, as one example from the Global Change Award program (partnership between H&M Foundation, Accenture and KTH) accelerating disruptive ideas in circular fashion).


When: 21st November 17.30-20.00

Where: Accenture Office, Alströmergatan 12, Stockholm


17.30-18.00 Network and mingle

18.00-18.15 How does Accenture work with Sustainability?

18.15-18.45 Research Insight: How can co-creation, cross-sector collaboration and partnerships be drivers of sustainable innovation?

18.45-19.15 Case Example: The Global Change Award partnership between Accenture, H&M Foundation and KTH (see video below for more info)

19.15-20.00 Continued discussion and mingle


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Warm welcome whises the YSP member Josefine Olsson,Accenture!